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Cabin Font

The Cabin Font is a humanist sans inspired by Edward Johnston's and Eric Gill's typefaces, with a touch of modernism.
Cabin incorporates modern proportions, optical adjustments, and some elements of the geometric sans.

It remains true to its roots, but has its own personality.

Cabin Specimen

The weight distribution is almost monotone, although top and bottom curves are slightly thin.
Counters of the b, g, p and q are rounded and optically adjusted.
The curved stem endings have a 10 degree angle.
E and F have shorter center arms. M is splashed.

Cabin comes in 8 styles: Regular, Medium, Semibold & Bold, with their corresponding italics

Cabin Family - 8 weights


  • Thanks to Igino Marini.
    Spacing and Kerning was done by Igino Marini's wonderful iKern service.
  • Thanks to Google Web Fonts Team for their trust and support,
    and for making it available as a webfont.

Download the latest version:

  • 2011/03/21 Cabin Family v1.005
    Italics added. Cabin is now a 8 styles family!
  • 2011/02/02 Cabin Family v1.004
    More Weights added. Now Cabin includes Regular, Medium, Semibold and Bold.
    Added Small Caps, and a full set of superiors and inferior.
    Improved Hinting.
  • 2010/16/10 Cabin Bold v1.003 Initial Release

Webfont Ready!

The Cabin Font Family is available on Google Web Fonts and you can use it for your website.

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