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Version 7 including OT features panel for Firefox

Update posted August 22, 2012 at 7:55 pm by PabloImpallari for the Drag and Drop Font Testing Page project.

Version 7 includes and experimental OT features panel for Firefox.

This should work on the latest versions of Firefox for Mac, PC and Linux.

For older versions of Firefox, it may be necessary to change the "gfx.font_rendering.harfbuzz.level" preference to "1" in about:config in order to access the OpenType features.

Right now I'm working on enabling the OT features panel for other browsers (Google Chrome and IE10).
Hopefully I will be able to get them all working for the next update of the Font Testing Page.

The OT code was graved form: and tweaked a little bit to add "Contextual Alternates" and "ss06" to "ss10".


Note 1: The number in the zip filename is not related to the actual version of the source file. It's assigned by the system, so to keep filenames unique.

Note 2: In the Beta versions the .otf files are for preview only, quickly generated using Ben Kiel's Font Generator Macro. Please reffer to the source vfb files.

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