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Quattrocento Roman Font

Quattrocento Roman is a Classic, Elegant, Sober and Strong typeface.

Their wide and open letterforms, and great x-height, make it very legible for body text at small sizes.
And their tiny details that only shows up at bigger sizes make it also great for display use.

Quattrocento Roman Specimen v1.0

Some of their distinctive characteristics are:

  • Low Contrast. The thins are just a tad thiner than the thicks, almost monotone.
  • Cupped, tapered serifs that flows naturally into the stems.
  • Distinctive K, R and & tail.
  • Cupped B, D, E, F, P, R, T, Z.
  • The Q is a humble expression of admiration and gratitude for Doyald Young.
  • Alternate M, Two W alternates .
  • Narrow L and T for better fit.
  • Almost flat top serif on the lowercases.
  • Shoulders of the m and n rise above the serif.
  • Serif-less bottom j and y.

Download the latest version:

Webfont ready!

Quattrocento is available on Google Web Fonts and you can use it for your website.

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  • Thanks to Igino Marini: Spacing and Kerning was done by Igino Marini's wonderful iKern service.
  • Thanks to Google Web Fonts Team for their trust and support, and for making it available as a webfont.




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